About Us

About us

About EnglishPAL.ps

This free website provides classifieds and information of all kind about Palestine. The sites content is not limited to leisure time, professional life or further education. Therefore, the EnglishPAL motto is: "We do it all!"

EnglishPAL is a unique online meeting point for English speakers living in Palestine, visiting Palestine or are from Palestine. Also many Palestinian Expats using EnglishPAL from abroad.

On EnglishPAL you can find all kinds of information which are taken from various online and offline sources; they are pre-filtered and categorized. EnglishPAL is non-religious and non-political and free of charge for its users.

However, you need to register in order to post on EnglishPAL or to reply EnglishPAL users online. 


Who Are We

EnglishPAL.ps is owned and run by the husband-and-wife team Elias and Bernadette Al-Loussi.

In addition to this we have a wide network of cooperation partners and friends of EnglishPAL who support our work.


What Services Do We Provide

Weather you are a private users, an estate agency or a business. EnglishPAL offers you to advertise your private classifieds, ask advice, and announce job offers, volunteer and internship opportunities and properties for rent or for sale. Also we provide all kind of information about Palestine.


How to Contact Us

Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding our services, please feel free to Contact Us.





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