Posting Guidelines

The EnglishPAL website allows you to post all your information. We allow one ad for a particular item / job / flat / event etc. Please don't post the same ad (even if re-worded!) more than once. You may re-post after two weeks. 

All postings on EnglishPAL are moderated. Once you posted your ad it will be reviewed by the moderator.

If there are a few possible areas for your ad, please choose the most relevant. Any duplicate ads will be removed or not submitted through to the site.

Please post in the correct category as it helps you in reaching the right audience as well as helps the users to find what there are looking for. If you are in doubt under which category to post your ad please contact the EnglishPAL admin.

Please don't include a link in your ad to further details on another website unless it is permitted in this specific category. Normally you should find everything you need here on EnglishPAL to create a successful ad. And remember, you can use as much space as you like in your ad, you can edit your ad anytime and also include photos and attachments like .pdf or .doc files.

It is not allowed to post unsolicited publicity for other websites or online or offline services without prior consent of EnglishPAL. Services and Buinesses may submit a one-off publicity posting to the category: Community -> General Annoucements. It is solely the decision of EnglishPAL to permit such postings on to the EnglishPAL website. 

It is recommended to choose a meaningful subject line to have a very good outreach for this post. For posting guidelines for the different categories please refer to the relevant section.

What has changed on the new EnglishPAL site?

Login and post to all the pages from one starting point. To offer you the best EnglishPAL experience we make a difference between job postings, property postings, events and everything else (incl. property wanted, skills offered, skills wanted).


Choose one or more Towns with one click:


Add one or more images. The site will automaticly resize your image.


And: We introduce the new system of "Extra Fields". Most but not all sub-categories offer this extra option. For example the  Scholarship category offers the extra search option for: locally & abroad. The category Kids and Teens Courses offers the sub-dividision: Academic & Professional | Leisure | Languages | Art.

In order to make this idea a success always remember to choose the Extra Field!


Posting guidelines for the Job Seekers

You can use the job section either as private job seeking individual or as a company. When you use the job section the first time the system will let you choose. Go to Control Panel and choose as illustrated. [This selection is permanent and can just be reveresed by the Moderator.] Therefore, consider creating two EnglishPAL accounts if you are recruiting and at the same time want to look and apply for jobs.


In order to use the Job section most effectivley, upload your resumee and covering letter(s) so that you can apply for jobs online.

All users can accept resumees and C.V. except postings by the user: EnglishPALInfo or PalestineInfo

More information on the different options for Job seekers here [link will be added soon]

Posting guidelines for the Jobs Recruiters / Employers

You can use the job section either as private job seeking individual or as a company. When you use the job section the first time go to the "Control Panel" and the system will allow you to choose. 

This selection is permanent and cannot be reversed. If you want to use EnglishPAL as a company and as an private user, it is advised to create two EnglishPAL accounts for each purpose.

More information on the different options for Comany Users you find here [link will be provided ASAP].

After you defined your status as Employer go again to the Controll Panel and "Add Company" and "Add Department". You can use the same name. However it is important to do this step in order to post jobs.

Each job posting must advertise a real position. General requests to send in CV’s are not allowed. All offered jobs must comply with local and national law. In this category links are allowed. It is recommended to state the deadline for the job in the subject line.

The following fields are mandatories and must be filled out before submiting the job posting successfully:


  • Job Title
  • Company  
  • Department
  • Job category and sub-category 
  • No of Jobs
  • Start Publishing
  • Description
If you just want to upload an image, you can do this using this field icon. 
However, don't forget to type a . or any other character into the Description field. Otherwise your posting will not be submitted to the Moderator board for review.

Posting guidelines for the Property section

  The following fields are mandatory:
  Posting type (renting or selling?)
  Property type (Room | Apartment / Flat | Penthouse | House / Villa | Office Space / Commercial | Storage /  Garage | Land)
Posted by (Are you a private person or an Estate Agency)
Town (Location of the property)

It is recommended to give as much as possible information about the property. The more fields you fill out, as easier it will be to find your property via the search interface. Other search-able fields are:

For a small extra charge you can display your posting featured in the 3 different property sections (for sale / for rent / land). Contact the EnglishPAL team for more information.

You may upload up to 3 pictures. No links to other accommodation websites are allowed.


Under Properties -> Wanted you may post your want ad and let landlord and estate agency contact you directly. In this sub-category you should define a town and an Extra Field.


Posting guidelines for the Skills offered & Skills wanted

Offer your own skills and expertise in the "Skills offered" section, for example: Arabic Tutor offer his services, babysitter can work at 3 evenings a week, private lessons in German, Photoshop and other design jobs, ...

Share with the EnglishPAL community which skills and expertise you are looking for, for example: Babysitter needed, looking for somebody to repair my TV, anybody with graphic skills, Buinsess Plan writer wanted, female private Math teacher wanted, Taxi service wanted, etc ...

Always remeber to choose an extra field when posting:

Posting guidelines for the Internship & Volunteer

Post your Volunteer and Internship positions (by a company or NGO) and requests (by individuals to received offers) here. But what is the difference? The International Volunteer Directory defines the difference between an internship and volunteering as: 

"An internship is something that you choose to do in order to develop your skills in a profession. Volunteering can also serve this purpose, but the driving force is your desire to help out."

No Extra Fields are defined.


Posting guidelines for the Bids and Quotations

Post here:

  • Request for expressions of interest
  • Request of interest 
  • Request for proposal
  • Request for quotations
  • Invitation to bid / bid request
  • Tender invitation
  • Call and notice for tenders
  • Grant applications request
  • Reguest for project proposal
  • Invitation to pre-qualify
  • Intension to award service contract


No Extra Fields are defined.


Posting guidelines for Sale and Buy

In the Sale and Buy sections user can post all their sale offers or buying requests. Commercial postings are allowed, just use an Commercial Account [] and choose the right category. However, please be moderate with your postings for your shop and stay with the rule: one posting per item and repost for each item just after 2 weeks.

All of this categories: All around Cars | Baby / Kids | Clothes | Electronics | Furniture / Garden | Others have three possible Extra Fields to choose from:

The last Sale and Buy Category called Offers & Discounts. Here we have no extra fields defined. 

As EnglishPAL is a community website, please consider offering stuff for free to others. Please with not much money will surely appreciate your offer. 


Posting guidelines for the Education Corner

This category for specially designed for all topics all around education. We want to contribute to boost this sector in Palestine and offer a free platform for students, universities and other educational institutions, teachers and professors & interested people from the community.

Here an overview on the categories and the extra fields to choose from:

Adult courses:  
Academic & Professional | Leisure | Languages | Art
Kids and Teens Courses Category Page
Academic & Professional | Leisure | Languages | Art
Workshops & Seminars Business | Education
Scholarships & Grants Locally | Abroad
Competitions Locally | Abroad
Call for Abstracts / Proposals [no subdivision]
Research / Polls Category Page [no subdivision]


If you want that your posting is outstanding and we mark it featured, please contact us for more information and pricing.

Posting guidelines for the Community category

The Community section enables you to get in touch with the community. Post in the following categories. Don't forget to choose the Extra Field after you filled in the information.

Category Name Extra Fields for this category Post here if you ...
Advice & Exchange Education | Directions | Leisure | Places | Shopping | Other need some advice or want to give advice
Donations Offered | Wanted want to donate something
School / Uni Items Offered | Wanted offer and look for school and university related items such books, uniform, other kind of material
News Education | IT | Local | Sport | Travel | Others want to share some news
After posting, wait that the Moderator release your posting.


Posting guidelines for the Leisure category

In this category you find Leisure related postings.  

Category Name Extra Fields for this category Note
Tourism & Holidays [none] This is a paid for category. Contact us for more information.
Sport [none] incl. Hiking
Art [none]  

Pets / Animals




Pets / Animals
Pets for Sale
Missing, Lost & Found
Equipment & Accessories
Pet sitters & Dog walkers
Once you posted, wait that the Moderator to release your posting to the site.


Posting guidelines for Events

Here you can post any kind of information or list details of forthcoming events (seminars, theatre, films, tours, art gallery, children’s event or activities, fund raising) that is of any interest for the EnglishPAL community. If you are a commercial retailer or conducting a business through your postings on EnglishPAL contact us that we can make you an offer how to advertise for your event. 

Commercial Cultural events (but no tours) are allowed in the category.

How to post: To post in this section go to "Add new Posting" on the top right corner of the page. 

Choose the Event button and start filling in your information: Subject, Town (you may choose several towns for one posting) and all other information. You upload up to 3 pictures and up to 3 files (e.g. a pdf file with further information about your event).

Very important! There is a second tap called "Calendar" (2). Don't forget to choose here a date and time for your event. Special features: Events with no specific end time - which is quiet handy for evening events.

Also: You can repeat you event on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly base.


The colour code will be defined automaticly after the town / location you will choose.