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1 or 2 roommates / or a room wanted Featured

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hello there,


1 o 2 roommates wanted "or a room". preferable foriegners or career focused people. as i would like it to be calm and relaxing in the apartment :)

i am not in an apartment yet.however, i prefer to find the roommates first. finding an apartment after that is easy "and there is many cool apartments out there.especially that we can find a place suitable for everyone. if you are already in an apartment and you think  i am cool enough ! send me an email ! :)

about me, i am a guy 25 years old currently studying in preparation to go germany. i speak english very well and if "you are " a foreigner you will actually like living with me as i am pretty open and open minded ot the eoropean cultures and i have no rules or chains where i live as long as it is calm  and peaceful :p

as of why i prefer a foreigner, i am a person who strives to learn languages and cultures, so living with a foreigner is quiet beneficial for me a a bonus i can be a tour in the city and help you with anything you want :)


ty for reading :)

my email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


send me an email if you are interested :) i will send you my phone number back if needed or we can set up a meeting in a restaurant or a bar.

best wishes ! 

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