Bethlehem is the little town where Jesus Christ was born. Today, it is a spiritual and cultural hub. It is a destination with an upgraded tourism infrastructure and ready to welcome visitors any time of year.
Best time to visit Bethlehem is of course during Christmas!

A weekend spent in Nablus.


Mahmoud Darwish, The award-winning Palestinian poet, has died aged 67, after heart surgery in a Texas hospital.

In the West Bank town of Hebron, a 75-year-old man designs wooden sculptures using the region's cherished olive tree. Muhammad Idries has been doing this job for the past 46 years.


March 26-27, 2011: Dance Highlights!

A group of young Palestinians in Nablus do a traditional dance for the IFPB delegation.


arrived to Ramallah at midnight. at 1 a.m. we were so hungry, and found a very nice Shawarma place to eat in.

Afteem Restaurant:Serving Peace and World Famous Falafels in Palestine


Toot Ard performing "Roo7 Bladi" at Taybeh Oktoberfest 2011 - Taybeh, Palestine.
Baseem Najjar

G-Town the Palestinian Hip-Hop makers - ishajara l3'alya (Muhammad Mughrabi) 2009